Lake Teletskoye
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Lake Teletskoye

22 October 2020 г.

Teletskoye Lake is located in the North-Eastern Altai on the territory of the Turochak and Ulagan administrative regions. Its geographical coordinates are between 51 ° 20 'and 51 ° 48' N. and between 87 ° 151 and 87 ° 21 E. The basin of the lake lies at an absolute height of 434 m.The area of ​​the lake is 223 km2, the average width is 2.9 km, the maximum is 5.2 km, the length is 77 km, the maximum depth is 325 m. The water in the lake is ultra-fresh, in most of the water area transparent. More than 70 rivers flow into the lake.