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Russia is a real paradise for adventure seekers who are attracted by mysterious and forgotten places. Crimson lakes, ruins of medieval fortresses, gloomy grottoes with rock paintings and abandoned noble estates.


Religious tour

Duration (hours)4
Length (km)9
Route type: Religious
The route includes:
Women's parish school,
Monument bridge near the village of Inya,
Ust-Kanskaya cave

Unusual places

Duration (hours)11
Length (km)92
Route type: Family, Historical, Wellness, Gastronomic
The route includes:
House of the merchant M. Bodunov,
Resort "Chemal",
Altai State Biosphere Reserve

Day on the museums of the Altai Republic

Duration (hours)2
Length (km)3
Route type: Historical
The route includes:
House of the merchant M.M.Bodunov,
Military enlistment office,
Lenin House,
Fire station